• $19.99$31.45

    Pet Zone Elevated Dog Bowls Designer...

    Supports Digestion and Reduces Joint Strain: Elevated dog bowls reduces strain on a dog’s neck and joints, encourages better digestion and can reduce bloat or gassiness. Elevated feeding and drinking is especially important for more mature dogs.
    Grows With Your Dog: Adjustable heights on this non-slip dog food stand of 2.75 inches (small dogs & cats), 8 inches (medium dogs) and 12 inches (large dogs) ensures this raised dog bowl holder can grow with your dog from puppyhood, adulthood to senior.
    Includes Durable Dog Water Bowl and Dog Food Bowl: Each removable dog bowl is easy to clean, dishawasher safe, made of stainless steel and holds up to 7 cups of food or water, often meeting most large dogs’ daily food and water needs, or multiple dogs.

  • $57.99$61.99

    MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced...

    Newly enhanced with added security features to keep your pet safe | Slide-bolt door latches now feature patented Paw Block and locking tips to create a safer, more secure home for your pet
    iCrate single door dog crate measures 36.6 x 21.9 x 24.5 inches and is suitable for intermediate dog breeds with an adult weight of 40 to 70 pounds. If your dog’s weight or measurements are on the higher side for this crate, we recommend buying the next crate size up
    Dog crate includes a divider panel, durable & leak-proof plastic pan, protective rubber feet, carrying handle, and customer support team based in Indiana

  • $9.99$19.99

    Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush –...

    Dual-Sided Design: Start with 9 teeth side for stubborn mats and tangles and finish with 17 teeth side for thinning and deshedding. Achieve faster and more professional dematting and grooming results
    Skin Friendly to Your Pets: Our Dematting Brush is designed with Sharpened but Fine Rounded Teeth, allows you easily and safely remove mats, tangles, knots, loose hair without irritation or scratching
    Effective Dehedding Tool:This undercoat rake gently removes loose hair, and eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt.Perfect solution for dogs and cats with thick fur or dense double coat care

  • $5.99

    Best Pet Supplies Crinkle Dog Toy...

    Premium Soft Chew Toys for Dogs – These adorable dog crinkle toys no stuffing ducks provide your four-legged best friend with an interactive chew toy that makes noise, keeps them engaged, and is gentler on teeth, gums, and dental health
    Cute and Colorful Duck Shape – Shaped like a real duck these dog crinkle toys for small dogs, medium dogs, and every size in between comes in 6 unique colors and provides a more puppy friendly shape that’s easy to carry around
    No Fluff, No Mess Design – Unlike messy bones, ropes, or other toys for aggressive chewers these dog crinkle toys won’t leave behind a mess after they’re done playing. They also boast reinforced fabric and stitching to help them hold up to chewing

  • $33.99$44.99

    THE SNUGGLY DOG – Dog Towel,...

    A Super Convenient Way to Dry Your Pooch – Made from 400 gsm microfiber, our dog towels for drying dogs make the drying process much easier for your pup. Each dog dryer is super absorbent, making our dog robes for after bath use a must-have accessory.
    Stays On Until Dry – No matter how vigorously your dog shakes himself/herself off, these dog towels will never come off! Thanks to the adjustable collar toggle, wrap-around belt, & button-&-loop features of our dog bathrobe, your pooch can wear this dog robe conveniently & securely after every bath.
    Plush Towel for Dogs That Deters Rapid Cooling – Wrapping your fur baby in the warmth & comfort of this ultra-soft dog towel robe not only makes drying after dog baths more convenient, but these dog robes also keep your walls, car seat, & interior dry!

  • $7.19$9.99

    Best Pet Supplies 8″ x 9″...

    Deep Cleaning Grooming Pets – These versatile dog and cat grooming wipes help keep clean and coats cleaner and smelling fresher by removing dirt from hair, paws, ears, and other intimate areas so you can reduce dryness, itchiness, and odors.
    Hydrating Plant-Based Formula – Infused with Lavender, Vitamin E, and cucumber extract our small pet grooming wipes nourish and hydrate your fur-baby’s skin. They’re also 100% free from sulfates, parabens, alcohol, or harmful chlorines.
    Strong, Soft, and Durable Wipes – Our 8” x 9” cat and dog grooming wipes stand up to tough, stuck-on dirt as well as messy paws and claws. More importantly, they’re gentler on sensitive areas, so your pet can feel comfortable, relaxed, and supported.

  • $19.55

    Andis 68550 Stainless-Steel Comb for Knots,...

    HIGH-QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: Made of sturdy and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this comb can reduce static electricity and will not fade over time. Built to last through multiple grooming sessions.
    EFFECTIVE DEMATTING TOOL: This pet comb can easily remove knots, mats, and loose hair from your pet’s coat. It also promotes blood circulation and massages the skin for better pet health.
    SLEEK AND SHINY COAT: The comb’s coarse and fine teeth work together to remove thick or dead fur and leave your pet’s coat soft, sleek, and shining.

  • $8.99

    Simple Solution True Fit Disposable Dog...

    A better fit – Simple Solution XS/toy disposable dog diapers with new adjustable fit sizes are for female dogs with a 9-14 inch waist. These female dog diapers feature a stretchable fabric that fits snugly around your pet.
    Absorbent and leak-proof – The super absorbent core locks in all moisture while leak-proof barriers provide added mess Prevention that’s guaranteed to work. With stretch waistband protection, your girl dog can move around freely while staying dry.
    No mess – Simple Solution Disposable dog diapers have a leak-proof fit that gives your dog freedom of movement without compromising on security. The tail-hole and extra-long wings help them stay put on the wiggliest of dogs.

  • $7.73

    SPOT Bam-bones PLUS T Bone –...

    PERFECT : For heavy chewers, and aggressive chewer. This durable dog chew are tougher than real beef or pork bones, and a great alternative to rawhide. Made stronger with Bamboo Fiber & Nylon – perfect teething toy for puppies and heavy chewers.
    EAST TO GRIP : The shape is easy to grip so dogs can hold it steady for easy chewing.
    CHICKEN FLAVOR : Durable and long lasting to satisfy your dogs for hours.

  • $8.99

    Best Pet Supplies 2-in-1 Stuffless Squeaky...

    STUFFING FREE: These stuffing free dog toys won’t make a mess while your pup pulls, tugs and chews away.
    KEEP YOUR DOG INTRIGUED: With a squeaker in the head and another in the tail, this stuffing-free dog toy makes every bite a delightfully squeaky treat. These squeaky dog toys also have self fastener at the bottom that you can open up and place a plastic bottle in to introduce a fun crunch into the mix.
    CUTE DOG TOY: Our no stuffing dog toys come in fun animal designs. Available in wild duck, fox, raccoon, deer, hare, snow leopard and other styles, these unique dog toys will spark your dog’s natural instincts to hunt and play.

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