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    Powerful Compressed Air Duster for Deep...

    【3 Speeds & LED】Powerful rechargeable compressed air duster designed for deep cleaning. Experience the benefits of extra-strong airflow with three adjustable wind speeds. Simply press and hold for 3 seconds to power on, and easily switch between wind speeds to clean various equipment effortlessly. With this compressed air cleaner, maintaining a dust-free environment has never been easier. Additionally, the built-in LED light illuminates your cleaning area upon activation.
    【Premium Components】This PC duster features a powerful blower that spins up to 95,000 RPM, designed to help you easily clean even the tiniest dust particles. Allows you to easily keep your computer and keyboard clean, bid farewell to the trouble of not easy to clean dust, and welcome a simple and effective solution! This air duster uses less energy and lasts longer while maintaining great performance, making it a great alternative to compressed air can and keyboard cleaner.
    【Dust Blow & Vacuum 2 in 1】The air dust collector has a variety of nozzles and brushes, as well as a vacuum cup, which is suitable for dust off or vacuuming cleaning in various scenarios, such as computer, fan, lily window, keyboard, car, household cleaning and more. The nozzle of this electric air duster can be replaced, and the brush and vacuum cup can also be cleaned, making it easier to clean corners or places that cannot be reached by hand, and more convenient.

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